HTVS,High-throughput Virtural slit.兼具高解析度與高感度的技術,提升光譜儀光學解析力與感度,大幅提升拉曼光譜性能.

HTVS 高效能虛擬狹縫
Nearly all dispersive spectrometers face a trade-off between throughput and resolution.

1.No slit (High throughput, low resolution)

2.With slit (low throughput, high resolution)

When identifying the material, both fine resolution and high throughput with HTVS technology  can do booth well at once.



The benefit of HTVS technology

The comparison among HTVS, slit and no slit
It coms with AvaRaman-Supreme

Raman spectroscopy is a precise and versatile measurement tool. It only has one downside: Raman signals are difficult to detect due to the required combination of high resolution with high sensitivity.The AvaRaman-Supreme series spectrometers solve this problem by offering extremely high sensitivity combined with high resolution. Up to six times the sensitivity of a comparable priced Raman system can be achieved. Measurements can be done faster and more precise.

By redesigning the optical bench and especially the light entrance, more than 95% of the light coming out of the fiber optic cable reaches the detector. The standard solution with an entrance slit only sees 15 percent of the photons reach the CCD.

AvaRaman-Supreme-TEC series spectrometers have a three-stage Peltier cooling systems, which provides ΔT down to -30°C cooling to ambient for superior dark noise reduction, keeping the detector at a steady 5°C. Thanks to the PID controller, this temperature is stable within a 0.1°C bandwidth. All AvaRaman systems are delivered with special AvaSoft-Raman software. Panorama-Pro software is available for Raman interpretation and functional group assignment.