• Microscope spectrometer for material

Microscope spectrometer for material

Simultaneous Micro UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer
型號 : TIDAS series

系統功能 :
•Photomultiplier / CCD 偵測
•以光纖模式進行  UV-VIS-NIR穿透模式分析
•依據實驗需求進行客製化架設,包含顯微反射影像或光譜分析 (明場與暗場)、偏光顯微分析以及螢光光譜分析


S msp-200

- Petrography and geochemistry
- Coal analysis
- Vitrinite measurement according to ASTM or ISO 7404-5
- Available in combination with different microscopes
- Video imaging
- Reflection measurement (bright field, dark field), polarization measurement and fluorescence measurement according to configuration possible


The TIDAS E MSP, an easy and affordable way to microscope spectroscopy. It is the ideal instrument for teaching and educational purposes. It fits to any microscope that has a c-mount adaptor. The system has an integrated cuvette holder that offers various applications independent from the microscope.

- Easy to use at a very affordable price
- Fits to any microscope with a c-mount adaptor, easy to connect
- Complete software package for instrument control, data storage and evaluation (e.g. color analysis, film thickness and much more)
- Broad wavelength range: 300 - 1100nm
- Certificate (wavelength and photometric accuracy, VDE Test, e.g.)
- Integrated cuvette holder for normal spectroscopy applications, offering highest flexibility
- Ideal for teaching and educational purposes

TIDAS S MSP-400/800/1000

- Forensic science
- Material science, nanotechnology, semiconductor, displays
- Life science, biology, chemistry
- Video Imaging
- Reflection measurement (bright field, dark field) 
- Polarization measurement and fluorescence
- Available in combination with different microscopes