• Stokes Laser Ellipsometer Microspot LSE-MS

Stokes Laser Ellipsometer Microspot LSE-MS

廠牌:Gaertner Scientific Corporation
型號 : LSE-MS

Stokes ellipsometer LSE-MS specifications.


Manually adjusted tilt and table height using computer alignment screen


Shows measurement area on your PC

Incidence Angle:


Method of Measurement:

Advanced StokesMeter™ determines the complete measuring beam polarization using no moving parts and no modulators, only 4 stationary silicon detectors so measurements are stable and exact.

Measurement Time:

Practically instantaneous

Measuring Laser:

6328Å HeNe Gas Laser with 1mm measuring beam diameter

Alignment Laser:

670nm Laser Diode

Sample (Wafer) Size:

Up to 300 mm wide X unlimited length


XY hand positioning table with tilt and table height adjustment.


Windows™ LGEMP 4 layer program included.

Required Computer:

Windows™ desktop or laptop with USB 2/3 port (not included)

Film Thickness Range:

0 - 60,000 Angstroms on substrate or on 1, 2, 3, or 4 known sublayers.

Precision & Repeatability:

Sub-Angstrom over most of the measurement range.

Refractive Index:

± .0005 over most of the measurement range.


100V-240V, 50-60Hz., 1 A


Height: 16.5 Width: 27.5 Depth: 16 inches

Net Weight:

45 lbs. Shipping Weight: 65 lbs.

CDRH Compliance:

All laser ellipsometers supplied by Gaertner comply with CDRH requirements 21CFR 1040 for a Class II laser product emitting less than 1 mW or Class IIIb less than 5 mW of low power radiation. As with  any bright source such as the sun or arc lamp, the operator should not stare directly into the laser beam or into its reflection from highly reflecting surfaces.

CE Compliance:

Stokes Ellipsometers comply with European safety directives and carry the CE mark.


1 year warranty covers all parts and labor exclusive of shipping cos