Instrument Publication

1. (PTT ProMaker) "In situ surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic studies of solid electrolyte interphase formation in lithium ion battery electrodes"

Sunny Hy, Felix, Yi-Hsiu Chen, Jyong-yue Liu, John Rick, Bing-Joe Hwang. Journal of Power Sources 256 (2014) 324-328

2. (PTT ProMaker) "Direct In situ Observation of Li2O Evolution on Li-Rich High-Capacity Cathode Material, Li[NixLi(1-2x)/3Mn(2-x)/3]O2"

Sunny Hy, Felix Felix, John Rick, Wei-Nien Su, and Bing Joe Hwang. Journal of the American Chemical Society, Msc: ja410137s

3. (PTT RAMaker mv4000) "Spontaneous Formation of an Ideal-Like Field-Effect Channel for Decay-Free Polymeric Thin-Film Transistors by Multiple-Scale Phase Separation"

Horng-Long Cheng, Jr-Wei Lin, Jrjeng Ruan, Chia-Hsien Lin, Fu-Chiao Wu, Wei-Yang Chou, Ching-Hsiang Chen, Chung-Kai Chang, and Hwo-Shuenn Sheu. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

4. (PTT MRI) "Ionic Liquid-Assisted Electropolymerization for Lithographical Perfluorocarbon Deposition and Hydrophobic Patterning"

Jhih-Guang Wu, Cheng-Yang Lee, Shao-Shuo Wu, and Shyh-Chyang Luo. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

5. (RAMaker TCSPC) "A dual photoluminescence enhancement system: Stabilization of water soluble AIEE fluorogen using silver nanowire"

Ying-Chen Chiang, Chun-Ta Huang, Wei Hsin Wang, Cheng-Chung Chang. Faraday Discussions

6. (PTT MRI) "Effects of graphene layers in IGZO / graphitelike +Ni/SiO2/Si wafer specimens on electrical and optical properties in tribotests"


7. (PTT RAMaker) "Facile synthesis and structure characterization of hexagonal tungsten bronzes crystals"

Jiann-Shing Lee, Hao-Chuan Liu, Gao-De Peng, Yawteng Tseng. Journal of Crystal Growth 465 (2017) 27-33

8. (PTT Raman) "P3HT-Based Nanoarchitectrual Fano Solar Cells"

Wen-Pin Liao, Yeh-Hsun Su, Yun-Kai Huang, Chen-Sheng Yeh, Li-Wen Huang, Jih-Jen Wu. Applied Materials & Interfaces

9. (PTT TRPL) "Modulation of Photocarrier Dynamics in Indoline Dye-Modified TiO2 Nanorod Array/P3HT Hybrid Solar Cell with 4-tert-Butylpridine"

Shu-Chien Hsu, Wen-Pin Liao, Wan-Hsien Lin, Jih-Jen Wu. The Journal of Physical Chemistry

10. (PTT Raman) "Alterations in the local structure of the Co/SiO2 dispersed carbon nanotubes induced by CO molecules during microwave irradiation"

Ming Chih Lin, Ching-Hsiang Chen, Liang-Yih Chen, Li-Wei Nien, Chun-Ta Huang, Jau-Wern Chiou, Miin-Jang Chen. Materials Chemistry and Physics 135 (2012) 438-444

11. (MRI with Mapping) "Solvent-engineering assisted synthesis and characterization of BiVO4 photoanode for boosting the efficiency of photoelectrochemical water splitting"

Troung-Giang Vo, Jian-Ming Chiu, Chia-Ying Chiang, Yian Tai. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 166(2017) 212-221

12. (RAMaker) "Optical and photodetector properties of stripe-like InS crystal"

Ching-Hwa Ho, Ya-Han Chen, Jhih-Hao Ho. RSC Adavnces 2016,6,97445

13. (RAMker) "Polarizer Band-Edge Emission and Dichroic Optical Behavior in Thin Multilayer GeS"

Ching-Hwa Ho, Jia-Xuan Li. Advanced Optical Materials 2017Feb2v5iss3p1600814

14. (RAMaker) "The structure and opto-thermo electronic properties of a new (Bi(BixS3)9I3)2/3 hexagonal nano-/micro-rod"

Ching-Hwa Ho, Ya-Han Chen, Yung-Kang Kuo, C.W. Liu. Chem Commun, 2017 APR, v53, pp3741-3744c7cc00627f+SI

15. (RAMaker) "Direct and indirect light emissions from layered ReS2_xSex(0<=x<=2)"

Ching-Hwa Ho, Zhan-Zhi Liu, Min-Han Lin. Nanotechnology 28 (2017) 235203 (9pp) May 18, 2017 + SI

16. (MRI532) "Effects of deposition method and conditions for IGZO film and thermal annealing on composite film quality, surface roughness, microstructural defects, and electrical properties of Ti/IGZO/graphene/polyimide specimens"

Chang-Shuo Chang, Tse-Chang Li, Yi-Chan Tsai, Gien-Huang Wu, Jen-Fin Lin

17. (MRI532) "A facile method to directly deposit the large-scale Ag nanoparticles on a silicon substrate for sensitive, uniform, reproducible and stable SERS substrate"

Tung-Hao Chang, Yu-Cheng Chang, Chien-Ming Chen, Kai-Wei Chuang, Chia Man Chou 

18. (MRI532) "Optimizing pyramidal silicon substrates through the electroless deposition of Ag nanoparticles for high-perofrmance surface-enhanced Raman scattering"

Tung-Hao Chang, Yu-Cheng Chang, Chien-Ming Chen, Kai-Wei Chuang

19. (RAMaker 532) "Magnetic enhancement of carbon-encapsulated magnetite nanoparticles"

Jiann-Shing Lee, Yuan-Jhe Song, Hua-Shu Hsu, Chun-Rong Lin, Jing-Ya Huang, Jiunn Chen


20. (MRI532) "Bi-functional Al-doped ZnO@SnO2 heteronanowires as efficient substrates for improving photocatalytic and SERS performance"

Yu-Cheng Chang, Shuo-Hsin Wu


21. (MRID532  405 TR PL) "Anion-induced Morphological Regulation of Cupric Oxide Nanostructures and Their Application as Co-catalysts for Solar Water Splitting"

Truong-Giang Vo, Shu-Ju Chang and Chia-Ying Chiang


22. (MRID532) "Controllable Electrodeposition of Binary Metal Films from Deep Eutectic Solvent as Efficient and Durable Catalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction"

Truong-Giang Vo, Sebastian Dario Suarez Hidalgo and Chia-Ying Chiang


23. (MRID532 Mapping)"Converting glycerol aqueous solution to hydrogen energy and dihydroxyacetone by the BiVO4 photoelectrochemical cell"

Lu-Wei Huang 1, Truong-Giang Vo 1, Chia-Ying Chiang

24. (MRI532) "H2Ti3O7 nanowires as a high-performance photocatalytic and surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate"

Yu-Cheng Changa,*, Jai-Cing Lina, Chia-Man Choub,c


25. (RAMaker 532 ) "Surface Modification of Magnetic Nanoparticles by Carbon-Coating Can Increase Its Biosafety: Evidences from Biochemical and Neurobehavioral Tests in Zebrafish"

Nemi Malhotra 1,y, Gilbert Audira 2,3,y, Jung-Ren Chen 4, Petrus Siregar 3, Hua-Shu Hsu 5, Jiann-Shing Lee 5,*, Tzong-Rong Ger 1,6,* and Chung-Der Hsiao 2,4,6,*

26. (MRID532) "A 3D Plasmonic Crossed-Wire Nanostructure for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering and Plasmon-Enhanced Fluorescence Detection"

Chun-Ta Huang 1, Fuh-Jyh Jan 2,3,* and Cheng-Chung Chang 4,5,*

27. (MRID) "Laser-Induced Thermal Annealing of CH3NH3PbI3, Perovskite Microwires"

Xiaoming Chen 1, ZixianWang 2, Ren-JieWu 3, Horng-Long Cheng 3,* and Hsiang-Chen Chui 1,3,*

28. (RAMaker532) "Comparison of the chronic toxicities of graphene and graphene oxide toward adult zebrafish by using biochemical and phenomic approaches "

Gilbert Audira a, b, 1, Jiann-Shing Lee c, 1, Petrus Siregar a, b, 1, Nemi Malhotra d, Marri Jmelou M. Rolden e, Jong-Chin Huang f, Kelvin H.-C. Chen f, Hua-Shu Hsu c, Yuchun Hsu c, Tzong-Rong Ger d, g, Chung-Der Hsiao a, b, g, *

29. (MRI532)Raman Spectroscopy Analysis for Optical Diagnosis

Ming-Jer Jeng 1,2, Mukta Sharma 1, Lokesh Sharma 3 , Ting-Yu Chao 1, Shiang-Fu Huang 2,4,* ,Liann-Be Chang 2,5,* , Shih-Lin Wu 3,6,7 and Lee Chow 8

30. (MRID532)Bi-functional Al-doped ZnO@SnO2 heteronanowires as efficient substrates for improving photocatalytic and SERS performance

Yu-Cheng Chang*, Shuo-Hsiu Wu

31. (RAMaker)Co-Treatment of Copper Oxide Nanoparticle and Carbofuran

Ferry Saputra 1,† , Boontida Uapipatanakul 2,† , Jiann-Shing Lee 3,†, Shih-Min Hung 3, Jong-Chin Huang 4 ,Yun-Chieh Pang 4, John Emmanuel R. Muñoz 5, Allan Patrick G. Macabeo 5,* , Kelvin H.-C. Chen 4,*
and Chung-Der Hsiao 1,6,7,8,*

32. (MRI532 PL)Effect of the Large-Size A-Site Cation on the Crystal Growth and Phase Distribution of 2D 3D Mixed Perovskite Films via a Low-Pressure Vapor-Assisted Solution Proces

Yu-An Chen, Hung-Wei Shiu, Yao-Jane Hsu, Laura E. Mundt, Wei-Ting Hung, Takuji Ohigashi,
Ming-Hsien Li,* and Peter Chen*

33. (MRI532 PL)Formamide iodide a new cation additive for inhibiting δ-phase formation of formamidinium lead iodide perovskite

Itaru Raifuku,a Yu-Hsien Chiang,a Cheng-Hung Hou, b Ming-Hsien Li,ac Chen-Fu Lin,a Pei-Ying Lin,a Jing-Jong Shyue b and Peter Chen *ad

34. (MRI 532) Preparation of paper-based SERS substrates by screen

WANG Kun,YU Jiawen,YAN Jia,YANG Xinjie,XIAO Guina*

35. (MRID)  Direct Bilirubin -main

Smruti R. Sahoo a,d, Sandy Huey-Jen Hsu b, Dev-Aur Chou c, Gou-Jen Wang d,e,**, Cheng-Chung Chang a,e,*

36. (MRI 532) Preparation and performance of silver nanomires array on paper automatic writing method

Kun Wang, Zhiyu Qiu, Yufei Qin, Longxiu Feng, Lei Huang, Guina Xiao *

37. (GMD532) An improved surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic method using a paper-based grape skin-gold nanoparticles/graphene oxide substrate for detection of rhodamine 6G in water and food

Kandi Sridhar Baskaran Stephen Inbaraj,  Bing-Huei Chen *